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Since the birth of Bitcoin, the blockchain industry has developed for more than ten years, and has been applied to a certain extent in the fields of finance, people’s livelihood, judicial deposit certificate, supply chain coordination, tax invoice, copyright protection, etc., but most of them belong to the marginal business, mainly to explore the pilot, application depth and breadth is insufficient. Why is this? What is holding back the development of blockchain?

NGK Blockchain

First, users find blockchain “hard”. “Difficulty” is manifested in two aspects:1) Difficulty in understanding, blockchain is a complex technology which integrates cryptography, P2P network, consensus mechanism, intelligent contract…

With the launch of NGK, NGK block producer’s approach has also attracted widespread attention from investors. What is the reward mechanism for supernodes? How do you benefit from block producer? Next, we can answer these two questions through the specific explanation of this article.

NGK’s investors want to make money through block producer in two main ways: voting rewards; Another is a reward.

NGK Blockchain

1. Voting rewards

NGK.IO adopts the DPOSS consensus mechanism, with each holder of NGK.IO having the right to vote. The vote is not a direct gain, but in the block producer election, the holder of NGK.IO can…

It’s been six days since the main network was launched. NGK’s token price also rose to $0.28 from the opening price of $0.0215, a 13-fold increase. The surge in the price of NGK’s currency has given NGK users and investors great confidence that the future market for NGK is being watched by more people.

Many NGK investors are already making a lot of money, and many are beginning to learn about the project. To make it easier for more investors and viewers to understand NGK programs, today the editor will take you through the NGK Web and blockchain browsers.

NGK official website


As the total amount of computing power sold in the entire network has increased significantly, the NGK blockchain computing power market has become more popular, and many ecological builders have participated in the mining of NGK blockchain. Obviously, NGK blockchain mining has become a well-known project.

Today, we will understand the mining principle of the NGK blockchain and the income of miners.

NGK blockchain

1. The working principle of NGK blockchain mining

At present, there are two main types of mining. One is mining by mining machines, where people actually mine in the mine, while the other is cloud mining, where miners…

In the past two years, mining has been very popular, especially DeFi mining, whose popularity has not diminished so far. Many large institutions have benefited from there, and the retail investors are envious with that. However, many retail investors have been dissuaded to enter the DeFi market.

The current reasons why retail investors are being dissuaded by DeFi are due to these points. We have summarized them in the following:

First, the high gas cost. Most of the current DeFi projects are based on the Ethereum protocol and the gas cost incurred is relatively high. …

NGK, which has been in the market for six days since its launch, is in a very hot market. Members of NGK’s global community, terminal and institutional investors are very positive about NGK projects, and NGK is not expecting the same, and has seen waves of gains.

Because NGK has a broad application and market value, in the future, NGK will continue to rise. In fact, NGK can achieve today’s results, and NGK project team continuous research and development and internal measurement is inseparable. Because of the high-end technology advantages and the huge commercial value, NGK will be more and…

The NGK blockchain has received widespread attention once it is launched. Many media at base and abroad have analyzed and reported on the project. Now it has been launched for less than a month, the popularity is still unabated, and many domestic and foreign media are rushing to report! NGK from Silicon Valley in the United States is based on blockchain, which can be combined with the development of third-generation blockchain technology, such as big data, VR and other multi-dimensional technology collections.

Recently, Bloomberg News has interviewed MAX, the technical representative of NGK. MAX stated that the first BFY-DPOSS consensus…

With the rapid development of the cryptocurrency market today, currency trading has clearly occupied the mainstream position. Although the current centralized exchanges have leading advantages in terms of user experience, transaction depth, etc., the security incidents caused by hacking attacks and internal personnel tampering with asset data due to centralized exchanges have frequently happened, losing trust from many users.

On the other hand, the rising DEX, with its advantages in security, transparency, and privacy, has won the trust of many users, and its simple and easy-to-operate features are also very popular among users. …

The asymmetric cryptography was produced for military use in the 1970s, and it was promoted by cypherpunk in the 1980s to solve network information security and protect personal privacy. It is mainly used for network communication and the construction of token system, that is, cryptocurrency.

Free consensus is a cryptographic consensus system based on the evolution of the Satoshi Nakamoto framework. It is an evolution from a peer-to-peer electronic cash system to a crypto economy infrastructure, extending from decentralized free cash to decentralized identity, relationship, reputation, agreement, storage, etc., which foundation for the crypto economy.


The essence of the distributed…

The popularity of Bitcoin has moved the computing power market and has also attracted the attention of many blockchain projects. The NGK blockchain seized the opportunity and launched the computing power ecological Starry Sky project earlier. At the same time, it also launched the computing power tokens, SPC and VAST. The high value of these two computing power tokens has enabled those ecological builders who entered the NGK computing power market early to obtain substantial profits. On the other hand, the expansion of the NGK computing power ecological Starry Sky project has also accelerated the development of the NGK blockchain…


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