Bitcoin is frantically on trending, while Musk said the prices ‘seem high’. Will the risks come?

3 min readFeb 25, 2021

In the past few days, Bitcoin has undoubtedly become the focus of the blockchain market and even the entire capital market. From breaking through US$50,000, to US$52,000, to US$56,000, and breaking through US$57,000 yesterday, it has attracted many holdings from institutional investors.

However, the craze of the Bitcoin bull market has also aroused concerns in the market. Even the number one Bitcoin player Musk also tweeted that the Bitcoin prices “seem high”. It seems that the price of Bitcoin is indeed at a high level at present, and the risk of bubble is intensified, which can easily trigger a plunge.

VAST tokens

However, many industry insiders in the market hold objections, believing that the outlook for Bitcoin is still optimistic and there is still a lot of room for growth. This is because Musk has long stated that customers can buy cars through Bitcoin, and some Wall Street financial giants have stated that customers can use Bitcoin for fund storage and withdrawal. Thus, it shows the great value of Bitcoin in the future.

However, in my opinion, the risk of Bitcoin should not be ignored, especially for small and medium players who are preparing to enter the market.

As Bitcoin is already at a certain high level, it is recommended to enter the market when the price of Bitcoin has recovered and stabilized.

VAST tokens

However, there are still many uncertain factors when Bitcoin will pull back. For example, the current market is too optimistic about Bitcoin, and there may be many large institutions chasing it higher, but when the market calms down, Bitcoin will see a correction.

So, what should the small and medium-sized players in the market do during this uncertain period of bitcoin? We believe that it is better to invest other tokens as alternatives to Bitcoin, such as the VAST high-fold currency.

It is understood that the VAST high-fold currency was officially launched by NGK, created by the NGK Spirit Stone team, and developed based on the bottom technology of the NGK blockchain. It has certain advantages in technology and has also been recognized by many large institutions and ecological builders.

VAST tokens

The most important thing is that VAST has huge value prospects. At present, VAST is still at a low price, and the market entry barrier is low, which is very friendly to small and medium retail investors. It is suggested for small and medium-sized retail investors to invest their time, energy, and funds on VAST to obtain more value dividends.

In the future, VAST will also be used for market circulation. By then, the value will be even greater.

When Bitcoin has returned to a certain price, small and medium retail investors can take out a small portion of their funds and enter the market. However, we believe that after VAST mining is carried out by small and medium-sized retail investors, they will definitely find that the charm of VAST!