Bloomberg interviewed NGK technical representatives in open up the value islands and expand the ecology infinitely

3 min readApr 21, 2021


The NGK blockchain has received widespread attention once it is launched. Many media at base and abroad have analyzed and reported on the project. Now it has been launched for less than a month, the popularity is still unabated, and many domestic and foreign media are rushing to report! NGK from Silicon Valley in the United States is based on blockchain, which can be combined with the development of third-generation blockchain technology, such as big data, VR and other multi-dimensional technology collections.

Recently, Bloomberg News has interviewed MAX, the technical representative of NGK. MAX stated that the first BFY-DPOSS consensus mechanism has been created to achieve a high-efficiency, low-energy, decentralized, safe and reliable technical bottom layer which can quickly produce blocks in 3 seconds, introduce mature cross-chain technology, realizing inter-chain communication and asset transfer, open up value islands, and expand the ecology infinitely.

NGK technical representatives

The reporter said that Economist Joseph Schumpeter once stated that, “Innovation is to establish a new production function, that is, the recombination of production factors.” Then, the emergence of NGK is a combination of financial factors to create a new financial theory. This is a great innovation.

Establish a new financial function relationship at the bottom of the blockchain, make major changes to the underlying protocol, and produce a large number of application experiments in the application field, thereby affecting the existing wealth distribution rules, community organization forms, financial product models, social governance structures, and the circulation value of digital assets.

Max said that the emergence of NGK makes the operation and development of decentralized financial markets no longer restricted. It will help to expand the application boundary of the financial industry, and further empower the real economy and traditional financial industry, boost the high-quality development of blockchain finance, stimulate human nature, and maximize the development effect of Gemini.

NGK blockchain

In future, NGK will build a blockchain ecosystem covering blockchain applications and finance, including application protocols such as Debank, GBM, and Geswap. These applications and protocols are based on NGK and NGK coins as the link to establish a decentralized financial and commercial complex. At the same time, it will build a third-party developer ecosystem, assist in the rapid implementation of applications, absorb more outstanding developers into the ecosystem, and provide a source of power for its ecological value and prosperity.

NGK is just the beginning, and there will be NGK2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 10.0, etc. in the future, but NGK’s original intention remains unchanged and will move forward.

NGK blockchain

In future, the commercial financial system will change globally. We are no longer restricted by region. As long as we meet the requirements of different systems, we have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of different systems. This is also the goal NGK pursues. The history of human development is the history of constantly breaking geographical restrictions. From material civilization to information civilization and value civilization to value civilization and the people’s ideology also will change gradually.

The amount of strength you own is equivalent to the amount of responsibility you own. The road to global financial inclusion is slow, and thanks to the efforts of NGK, the future of fair and stable financial arena has dawned.