BTC breaks through the US$50,000-mark, VAST drives the mining trend

According to the latest data, BTC, as the world’s most popular token, has recently refreshed the knowledge of many players. It continued to rise in the short term, breaking through the US$52,300 mark, reached 2.24%.

Regarding the sharp rise of BTC this round, the industry believes that it is highly due to the support of Tesla President, Elon Musk. Musk has great ability to drive the token prices. Even Dogecoin, which was previously not favored by all investors in the industry, soared by more than 80% under his support. What’s more, BTC, which has always been optimistic, has risen continuously under Musk’s pursuit. In addition to Tesla represented by Musk, even investment banks such as MasterCard, BNY Mellon, Morgan Stanley, etc. have also stated that they will accept transactions in certain tokens including BTC in the future.

VAST tokens

In other words, more Wall Street giants will enter the token industry. This means that tokens led by BTC will be endorsed by more established Wall Street financial institutions.

Ever since the price of BTC skyrocketed, it broke through the US$50,000 mark.

With the surge of BTC, other tokens in the crypto market have gradually attracted the attention of many Wall Street investment banks, including the latest VAST token launched by the NGK blockchain.

Speaking of VAST tokens, I believe that many fans who pay attention to the NGK blockchain are no strangers. This high-fold token, which has been recognized by major fans and institutions since its emergence, has been highly sought after.

VAST tokens

The fiery enthusiasm of the token market is even more successful for the Wall Street giants to focus on the more long-term value of the VAST token. They believe that VAST is the token with the most long-term investment value in the market.

Some industry analysts believe that the scarcity and inaccessibility of VAST tokens will promote its first round. While the newly launched NGK newcomer assistance program by the NGK blockchain will drive the second round of VAST tokens. In the future, VAST will be listed on the world’s leading exchanges, entering the secondary market, which will drive the third round of VAST tokens.

VAST tokens

In addition, many ecological builders in the market are still participating in the VAST mining, which will increase the liquidity of VAST and create long-term value for it.

Therefore, no matter how you look at it, VAST has great future value, and it is worthy for every ecological builder.

With the continuous influx of large amounts of funds from Wall Street giants, the value of VAST will continue to rise. By then, VAST is expected to be comparable to BTC, becoming the second mainstream token after BTC, and circulating in the global financial market.



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