Creating NGK Starry Sky project, a high-fold token launching soon!

According to reports from well-known media such as The Washington Post, Bloomberg, Reuters, and CNN, the NGK official recently announced that in order to improve the NGK ecological Starry Sky project, it will soon launch the SPC sub-coin VAST to encourage more ecological builders to join.

NGK Starry Sky project

The NGK official stated that VAST has high value, with hundreds of billions, trillions or even higher value in the future. The number of SPC is 100 million units, while the number of VAST is only 100,000 units. This shows its scarcity. In addition, VAST plays a very important role in the NGK ecological Starry Sky project, which is conducive to the expansion of the NGK computing power market and promote the liquidity of the project. This makes VAST extremely valuable. Based on the analysis and conversion, 10,000 SPC can be exchanged for 1 VAST, and 100,000 VAST has the highest market value or can reach trillions of dollars! It is conceivable that the future value of VAST is extremely high.

A reporter from the Washington Post interviewed an NGK computing power holder. He said that he was very happy to be an NGK computing power holder and received 1,000 SPCs in both rounds of SPC airdrops. He said that he has 2,000 SPC now and will add more computing power to obtain more SPC in the future. At the same time, he also expects that VAST will be launched soon, and he does not want to miss this opportunity!

VAST Tokens

The Washington Post reporter said that after many rounds of interviews, we found that many NGK computing power holders and even off-site eco-builders have confidence in VAST. They believe that VAST can bring them extremely high value and wealth.

The relevant technical personnel of the NGK Spirit Stone team stated that the benefits VAST brings to the NGK computing power holders are huge and long lasting. This is because VAST will be launched on the world’s leading exchange in the future, and all NGK computing power holders can trade in the secondary market. VAST is a higher end token than SPC, and therefore, it has a higher value. The value of VAST can expand the NGK ecological Starry Sky project, attracting more ecological builders to enter, and increasing the computing power market. Besides, the VAST’s core technical advantages can avoid bubble, and it is truly valuable.

VAST Tokens

It is worth mentioning that the NGK’s upcoming VAST has also received extensive support from the NGK’s global communities. The communities have reached a consensus, and they believe that VAST will benefit the expansion of NGK’s computing power market as well as the creation of NGK’s Starry Sky project. Furthermore, it can improve the entire NGK ecosystem. At the same time, it is conducive to attracting off-site ecological builders and stimulating the enthusiasm of NGK computing power holders.

Finally, the Washington Post, Bloomberg, Reuters and many other media also sent their blessings to NGK, hoping that the NGK ecological Starry Sky project can be successfully built, and VAST will become a real high-fold currency!



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