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DeFi enters the 2.0 stage. How does the NGKEX break through?

In mid-to-late 2020, a DEFI fever swept the entire blockchain industry, and the DEX decentralized trading platform led by Uniswap began to rise. Many revelers chanted that DEFI is the “redemption” of Ethereum. In the DeFi wave, Ethereum has lived up to expectations, and the gas fees have repeatedly set new highs. However, good times didn’t last long, a grand feast of DeFi liquidity mining from Ethereum to TRON, from entering the game to cooling down, people mourn when the bubble retreated. During the process of moving forward, various drawbacks of the DeFi ecology have not been resolved. Although the new stage has come, the preparations for the second half are not sufficient.


DeFi ecology and Dex platform

In the DeFi ecology, if buyers and sellers are compared to vegetable stalls and vendors, the centralized exchange (CEX) is equivalent to a “vegetable market” with a market management office, while the decentralized exchange (DEX) is a market where buyers and sellers are completely free to trade. Although DEX has many advantages, its two main pain points are difficult to overcome. The first is that most DEXs run on blockchain, due to the uncertainty of the block generation time and confirmation speed of blockchain, its transaction efficiency is low. Secondly, for professional investors with high-frequency trading and quantitative and trading needs, the blockchain network is difficult to handle high concurrent and real-time transactions, which is a fatal blow.


CEX breakthrough

At present, CEX is the user’s first choice in the market, because it has a fast transaction speed and has derived many trading products. Let us the NGKEX as an example, it is one of the important ecosystems of the NGK blockchain. It adopts the DPOSS consensus mechanism, which has the characteristics of fast speed, high security, and security. In addition, the NGK provides hundreds of crypto assets. In addition to spot trading, contract trading and OTC trading are also provided. Only continuous innovation can make the CEX competitive. Therefore, NGKEX adopts a 100,000 TPS matching system, an anti-DDOS attack system, and provides a variety of powerful functions such as stop-profit and stop-loss, market price increase, reverse position opening, and record summary to meet the trading needs of more users. The NGKEX aims to become a one-stop blockchain trading platform and continue to provide users with diversified trading products.


DeFi has entered the 2.0 stage, and the NGKEX is also aware of the principle that the development trend of the blockchain will gradually move towards compliance. According to the official NGK report, the NGKEX has now officially obtained the MSB license. It has a compliance layout as its strategic development direction, which is driven by continuous innovation, aiming to provide users with more and better trading products, so that the NGKEX can break through the competitive CEX industry.

The CEX industry is almost a competitive market. Different platforms have their own strengths, but in the long run, the compliant layout of the NGKEX will be one of the important advantages of becoming a high traffic area in the global trading market in the future. During the process of compliance, the current flow dispersion of the CEX will be broken, and the NGKEX will be expected to become one of the world’s leading exchanges.