Dissuaded by DeFi mining? Why not choose NGK blockchain mining!

3 min readApr 22, 2021

In the past two years, mining has been very popular, especially DeFi mining, whose popularity has not diminished so far. Many large institutions have benefited from there, and the retail investors are envious with that. However, many retail investors have been dissuaded to enter the DeFi market.

The current reasons why retail investors are being dissuaded by DeFi are due to these points. We have summarized them in the following:

First, the high gas cost. Most of the current DeFi projects are based on the Ethereum protocol and the gas cost incurred is relatively high. Especially when a user conducts a complex transaction, the gas fee may be as high as several hundred dollars!

NGK blockchain

Secondly, the network congestion. In addition to the high gas cost, there is also the problem of network congestion which is a headache for users. They joined with the purpose to make money, but due to the long-term network congestion, their minds are disturbed and thus, many users fled one after another, trying to find a more suitable place for mining.

In fact, the NGK blockchain has always been a good choice. It can be regarded as a leader in the emerging blockchain field, and its top technical advantages are widely recognized by ecological builders and even institutions. The most important thing is that it has reasonable ecological layout and a clearer goal.

NGK blockchain

At present, the NGK blockchain has a layout to many fields such as DeFi, DAPP, computing power, and DEX. The ecological builders who want to mine can enter the DeFi market through Baccarat and participate in the mining, and then obtain the BGV. In addition, ecological builders can also purchase the NGK computing power to enter the NGK blockchain computing power market, participate in the construction of the computing power ecological “Starry Sky Project”, participate in computing power mining, and obtain SPC token and the high-fold token, VAST. Alternatively, ecological builders can also participate in the DAPP mining “Calling Hippo” of the NGK blockchain to obtain the NGK native token.

In short, there are currently three main channels for ecological builders to mine in the NGK blockchain. First, DeFi mining to obtain BGV tokens; the second is the computing power mining to obtain SPC and VAST tokens; while the third is the DAPP mining to obtain NGK tokens.

NGK blockchain

Different mining channels provide different types of token rewards, and they have different future benefits.

From the current point of view, every token has a lot of room for growth. However, they have some differences.

Firstly, in terms of scarcity, BGV and VAST are scarcer, so they may have higher future value than NGK;

Secondly, in terms of properties, both SPC and VAST belong to the computing power tokens, which are very important for the entire market construction and development of the NGK blockchain, so the future value of these two is also unlimited;

NGK blockchain

Lastly, in terms of liquidity, as the native token of the blockchain, the NGK token will be used in the purchase of DAPP malls in the future, so it has greater liquidity and higher value appreciation space in the future.

Therefore, users can choose their preferrable mining channels. The NGK blockchain can provide users with a safe, stable, and profitable multi-channel mining platform, so that more retail investors can enter.