Dec 31, 2020

3 min read

Great news for 2021! It is believed that the official will give great benefits to the holders of computing power!

2021 is approaching, and the NGK officials have made another big move. The NGK’s side chain token, SPC, has been launched on the wallet. Next, a highly anticipated airdrop is about to be distributed to the holders of NGK computing power! The BGV has distributed 50–60 million. Let’s have a guess how many will the higher-end SPC distribute?

According to internal sources, we believe another round of benefits is about to begin. The second round of benefits will be on the holders of computing power!


The leader receives 800,000 USDN for computing power. The computing power benefits is coming soon. All major blockchain media and trading platforms have all joined the battle, creating a real airdrop feast!

There have been two rounds of airdrops this year. The first wave of BGV airdrops has been issued in mid-December. The amount was extremely huge. Recently, the activities carried out by the NGK official are more focusing on the welfare of NGK computing power holders, with a large number of airdrops. Hence, we estimated that the amount invested by this higher-end SPC is likely to reach millions of dollars.

The estimation is done according to the principle of activities carried out by the NGK previously. This time the airdrop of the NGK’s side chain token SPC will be issued based on the actual account holdings of NGK computing power. According to the principle of multiple accounts originally designed by the NGK, its accounts can support multiple openings. Unfortunately, I missed the BGV airdrop before. The highest reward is approximately US$ 900. Now that the SPC is coming again, hurry up and get the NGK computing power! This is because holding the NGK computing power not only can obtain the stable NGK computing power income, but also the BGV income. Now, NGK is launching an additional token, which is the SPC airdrop income. One coin, three incomes, is it amazing?


Moreover, compared with participating in the computing power directly, the NGK computing power has its advantages. Even if the relevant information (e.g. mining, mining machines, cooperation, and teams) is well-displayed in the traditional mining projects, it is still difficult for users to judge the computing power behind the platform and its operation status in real time (e.g. whether there is a power outage, site inspection) or real income data. However, the NGK provides the total computing power of the entire network through 21-block producer, which solves the opacity of traditional mining. In the NGK project, every minute and every second of the block production on the chain can be observed from time to time, so there is no need to worry about whether there is an actual mining problem.

With the NGK computing power, you will obtain computing power incomes every day. The amount is huge with smaller risk, and it is more stable. If the token price rises, the payback cycle will be faster, and the payback can be achieved within few months. After the payback, the income from the mining is purely earned, and this can be calculated with real-time data. However, some people might say, what if the token price drops? Will the return cycle become longer? This is true, but you must understand that the short-term rise and fall will not have much impact on the NGK users.

So, if you missed the BGV airdrop before, don’t miss the SPC anymore. The money in the crypto industry is not made but picked. Earning money is as easy as picking it up. It’s the end of the year. Earn it then sell it after it went online, then you can buy a new phone to celebrate this New Year, isn’t great?