How does NGKEX provide a more convenient trading process and a safer trading space?

The crypto industry is popular in 2021! Tokens such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum are widely prevalent all over the world, and their scope and investment value have far surpassed themselves and the tokens derived from them. Nine years since the birth of Bitcoin in 2009, Bitcoin has become the world’s fastest-appreciating investment product with a growth rate of more than 10 million times! The prosperity of token will inevitably lead to the prosperity of its trading platform. A safe and efficient digital encrypted trading platform, the NGKEX emerged as the times require, and it was launched grandly, committed to providing investors with a safer, more convenient, and more professional encrypted digital asset trading platform!


NGKEX is a professional blockchain digital asset trading platform jointly created by a professional team in the financial field. It mainly provides fiat currency to Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether and other digital assets transaction services for users all over the world. The NGKEX aggregates global high-quality blockchain digital assets, and it is committed to building a global digital asset trading platform, providing investors with a simpler and more convenient trading process and a safer and more reliable trading space.

Reliable team

The core founding team of NGKEX are all experts with many years of experience in blockchain industry. They have extensive experience and professional technical support, focusing on providing a full range of services to escort the investors’ asset transactions.



Based on the strong and professional technical support of the core founding team, the NGKEX meticulously builds a scientific and complete trading system to ensure the safety of investors’ transactions, while at the same time, bringing investors a better user experience and comprehensive services!

Open, completely open source, open standards, everyone can own their tokens;

Freedom, cross-border transfers, dividends, crowdfunding voting, digital issuance, there is nothing you cannot do;

Value-added, the total number will only decrease, and various applications will be developed in the later period to drive the appreciation;

Security, multi-dimensional, multi-layer protection, by setting up multi-layer security protection systems such as platforms, accounts, wallets, and internal control management to reduce risks;


Development, the circulation of token and the development of functional applications continue to improve and create a better future.

Frontier of the Times

Standing at a new historical starting point, the NGKEX team will adhere to the corporate philosophy of “profit only, stop loss, and double the trust”. As the ultimate goal of a globalized Internet financial center, we are committed to creating an efficient, safe, and secure blockchain trading community.