How will the NGK blockchain computing power ecology develop in 2021? Can the price of VAST reach US$200?

3 min readApr 20, 2021


The popularity of Bitcoin has moved the computing power market and has also attracted the attention of many blockchain projects. The NGK blockchain seized the opportunity and launched the computing power ecological Starry Sky project earlier. At the same time, it also launched the computing power tokens, SPC and VAST. The high value of these two computing power tokens has enabled those ecological builders who entered the NGK computing power market early to obtain substantial profits. On the other hand, the expansion of the NGK computing power ecological Starry Sky project has also accelerated the development of the NGK blockchain and promoted the increase of its value. Obviously, the NGK blockchain is no longer a simple emerging project, as it has occupied a seat in the field of computing power ecology.

NGK blockchain

Understand NGK blockchain computing power ecology again

I believe that users who have been paying attention to the NGK blockchain are no strangers to the “Starry Sky Project”. It is the computing power ecosystem previously launched by the NGK blockchain. It aims to expand the scale of the NGK blockchain computing power market and promote it’s the construction of computing power market.

Obviously, the emergence of the “Starry Sky Project” has played a role in promoting the computing power market of the NGK blockchain. According to the data released by NGK official earlier, the NGK has sold 8.8 million T of computing power, and this value may have exceeded 10 million T accordingly.

The development of the NGK blockchain’s computing power ecology will promote the overall value of the NGK blockchain and the increase in the price of its on-chain tokens, bringing wealth and profits to more users.

NGK blockchain

Future price of computing power token VAST

Judging from the technical aspect, VAST has now entered the repair phase. From the perspective of the 4-hour technical form, half of the “W” bottom has been formed, and the other half is bottoming. When the bottoming is completed, it will enter an upward trend in the future.

From a fundamental point of view, VAST has great support.

First, from the perspective of the “Starry Sky Project” of the computing power ecology. The market scope of the Starry Sky Project is gradually expanding, and the number of users entering the market is gradually increasing, which brings great liquidity to the market and further promotes the price of VAST.

Secondly, from the NGK blockchain in general. Since the NGKEX went online, a complete ecosystem of the NGK blockchain is gradually taking shape. With the gradual improvement of the ecosystem, the overall value of the NGK blockchain has also been improved, which in turn will drive the price of VAST to rise.

NGK blockchain

In addition, VAST has launched NGKEX that greatly increases the liquidity of VAST, thereby increasing the room for the appreciation of VAST.

Therefore, based on the above analysis, the price of VAST is expected to rise in the future, and it may break through US$200. In other words, it is very likely that VAST will reach US$500 or even exceed US$1,000 in the future. However, whether ecological builders can make profits from it depends on their holdings and asset allocation.