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In-depth interpretation: How does NGKEX become the most potential DEX?

Today, the DEX field has reached unprecedented popularity, and the total lock-up volume has also seen an unprecedented surge. It seems that DEX can bring wealth-making effect and it can become a consensus in the market. Therefore, major blockchain projects have begun to enter this field, which has contributed to the current situation of DEX competition for hegemony. Among them, NGKEX is one of the most ferocious.


The NGKEX aims to promote the automatic exchange transactions of all high-quality tokens on the NGK blockchain. It can automatically provide liquidity on the NGK blockchain, and provide users with a safer and more reliable, diverse asset, and cost-effective transaction experience. In addition, it can also provide the mainstream currency trading in the current token field, as well as the relatively popular leveraged trading, contract trading and OTC trading in the cryptocurrency market.

In fact, fierce competition and endless hot spots are a major feature of the DEX track at this stage. Under such environment, how will NGKEX, which integrates AMM, DAO, and Staking, bring a new gas fee distribution mechanism to disrupt the current DEX market structure?


1. The new income model that leverages wealth

The NGKEX is based on the NGK blockchain. It is a set of contracts deployed to the NGK blockchain network. All transactions are carried out on the chain. It supports single currency mining, transaction mining and pledge LP mining. It is completely decentralized. Users can freely deposit, withdraw and exchange tokens through NGKEX, without having to undergo complicated processes such as registering an account and waiting for identity verification like a centralized exchange. It is not being restricted by the withdrawal of funds.

Unlike the ultra-high gas fees on the Ethereum chain, the NGKEX has a higher gas utilization rate, so transaction fees can be reduced to ultra-low levels. The NGKEX can serve large mining users, and it has a natural attraction to participants with smaller capital scales.

2. The fastest growing DEX

The underlying blockchain of NGKEX is NGK, with a TPS of more than 12,038 and a block generation time within 3 seconds, leaving Ethereum far behind. Smart contracts can also be seamlessly compatible and can meet the needs of users in terms of safety, ease of use, and speed.


There is no doubt that the current congestion in Ethereum has caused excessive DEX transaction fees and slow transaction speeds, which will prompt the user migration. The blockchain and DEXs such as NGK blockchain and NGKEX that can carry this migration and undoubtedly take over the DeFi wealth creation effect on the Ethereum chain and benefit from it.

More convincingly, the NGK blockchain is positioned to be highly energy-efficient, innovative applications, and developer-friendly. As a project built on NGKEX, the NGK blockchain will provide support from promotion, traffic, and resources. The NGKEX can now circulate the mirrored assets of mainstream currencies such as BTC, ETH and LTC, and it will provide better liquidity for these assets.

At present, various data have shown that NGKEX has very solid “basic skills”. With the continuous influx of ecological builders in the future, the liquidity of NGKEX will be greatly improved. At that time, with the vigorous development of DEX projects, the NGKEX can provide ecological trading services for more assets, thereby expanding its ecological scale. At that time, the entire platform ecology and token take-off is just around the corner.