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Many media scramble to report on the NGK Global Launch Conference, an unprecedented grand occasion!

Recently, the NGK global launching ceremony was held in the United States as scheduled, and many media such as Fox, NCC and others scrambled to report on it, and the scene was unprecedented! First comes the guest sign-in session. NGK founder TYLER ADAMS, vice president DENIEL SOIBIM, Columbia University representative Bert Marion, Swiss Blockchain Finance Institute SBC representative Greg Leacock, Wall Street top foundation representative Derrick House, North American Southeast Asia and European market leaders and eight representatives of the eight major industries went to the signature wall to sign in turn, and took photos with the media separately.

NGK Global Launch Conference

After that, the host made an opening speech, kicked off the ball session, sprayed fireworks, and watched the NGK project propaganda video with the guests. The atmosphere reached a climax.

The founder TYLER ADAMS said that NGK commercial-grade blockchain was born in an environment facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges, hence, it will definitely realize the large-scale commercial applications. NGK blockchain will focus on solving all the problems existing in the current blockchain in the market. Carrying large-scale commercial applications while taking into account scalability, security, and compatibility, allows NGK to drive the development of the industry, truly move towards implementation, and achieve huge returns. NGK’s development route adheres to the concept of “six in one”, while also focusing on the construction of a business ecosystem, and is committed in creating a diversified ecosystem of “business + finance”.

The global launch ceremony of NGK marks NGK’s official step towards global promotion. NGK will be based in the United States, radiate the world, and make NGK a real leader in the blockchain field as soon as possible.

NGK Global Launch Conference

The industry leaders present all expressed their high agreement. The representative of Columbia University Bert Marion said that NGK blockchain know how to implement applications. I believe that NGK will focus more on innovation and research while improving its own ecology, focus on solving the pain points of traditional industries, and continue to explore the possibility of blockchain applications. Besides, it will also discover commercial value, promote the integration of blockchain with real economy, and make the blockchain truly become the infrastructure of the real economy in the future.

Thomas Phillips, the representative of SBC of the Swiss Blockchain Finance Institute, said technical security and transparency and openness are a core priority for NGK ecological construction. Security can be achieved before complete decentralized governance. The greatest value of NGK’s ecological construction is to form a blockchain system integrating APP, Token, exchange, wallet, side chain, and community development route, and realize decentralized governance. At present, every commercial application scenario of NGK is actively achieving implementation growth. 2020 is a brand new year for the blockchain industry, especially for the NGK blockchain. NGK has made sufficient preparations to become the world’s first blockchain technology-based, digital finance-centered, ecologically integrated large platform, and a blockchain comprehensive ecological innovation community with tens of millions of users.

NGK Global Launch Conference

Subsequently, other representatives delivered their speeches respectively. People from all parties brought an exciting launching ceremony for everyone. The participants on the spot actively interacted with each another and the launching ceremony was once been pushed to the climax. All parties have made a detailed anatomy of the platform advantages and the value of the NGK project. In addition, the roadshow also shared relevant marketing incentives to friends attending the meeting, and a number of big gifts were sent out on the spot!

In the end, the founder’s particle photo and dinner activities pushed the entire summit to a new climax. The guests all reached a high degree of consensus, and the NGK Global Launch Conference was a complete success!