Million SPC is about to be airdropped. How staunch is NGK blockchain 3.0?

On the evening of January 2nd, Bitcoin reached US$30,000 and continued to rise all the way with the current price as US$33,431.64. Within a month, Bitcoin has risen from US$20,000 to US$30,000, which fully demonstrates the strong market’s confidence in the token. The Bitcoin is expected to rise even higher in 2021, and the dream of one Bitcoin can buy a house is likely to happen in 2021!

SPC airdrop

Like Bitcoin, many tokens in the DeFi market have also ushered in a surge, which reflected the popularity of DeFi. The popularity of DeFi is indispensable from the staunch airdrop. The BGV from the Baccarat airdrop of the NGK DeFi project has a maximum price of US$576 within 24 hours. In other words, if you have 100 BGVs, you can get US$57,550 of revenue.

Therefore, all tokens issued during the bull market have skyrocketed, especially the token with prospects (e.g. BGV has skyrocketed a thousand times the day after it went online)!

SPC airdrop

In 2021, new airdrop in the bull market is coming, and this time, the NGK is not aiming at the DeFi market, but the computing power market. The NGK officially launched its side chain token, SPC, to reward the computing power holders.

It is reported that this time the computing power market rewards are amazing as the NGK smashed 2 million SPC tokens for airdrop rewards, causing a shock in the market. The project that is said to surpass the BGV airdrop is coming soon!

SPC airdrop

Regarding the airdrop model, a well-known economist and the technical adviser of NGK, Ken Huang predicted that the SPC airdrop is roughly divided into two models: one is to conduct airdrops in proportion to the amount of computing power; the other is the average airdrop based on the effective account of the computing power.

Professor Ken Huang also gave a reminder about this, regardless of what the airdrop mode belongs to, the computing power holders should prepare the corresponding countermeasures and be fully prepared, so that they will not miss the airdrop benefits!

In this regard, it is worth mentioning that this airdrop is mainly aimed at the computing power holders, so for ecological builders who have not entered the NGK computing power market, please make sure to purchase the NGK computing power in order to become an NGK computing power and obtain the SPC airdrop rewards. As a holder of NGK’s computing power, you can also increase your computing power, or add more computing accounts to obtain more SPC rewards. This is because the NGK supports multiple accounts.

In addition, this SPC airdrop is only available for valid accounts, so computing power holders must check whether their accounts are valid to ensure you can get this wave of bonuses!

Currently, the side chain token SPC has been launched on the NGK wallet, and everything is ready. As for the ecological builders in the market, if you miss the BGV, then don’t miss the SPC again. The bull market in 2021 has already begun. Grab the chance!



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