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New project for the NGK ecosystem. The NGK Korea Summit was successfully held!

Recently, the Korean station of the NGK Global Tour was held in a hotel in the capital of South Korea. Based on local Korean media report, there were dozens of guests participated in the event. Among them, the NGK’s representative, Park Hong Xi; representatives from the local community, as well as blockchain experts and media in the Asia-Pacific region.

At this summit, the roadshow speaker, SJ, first delivered a speech. The speaker stated that South Korea’s GDP has just entered the world’s top ten and has an extremely good blockchain foundation. In the past, the Bitcoin’s enthusiasm moved more than half of South Korea’s Internet cafes to conduct mining activities.

NGK Korea Summit

The Asia-Pacific blockchain expert Maxi agreed, he stated that NGK’s ecological Starry Sky project is also part of the ecological mining economy in South Korea. The NGK’s computing power has reached 8.8 million recently, planning for the VAST token mining. Affected by this, the price of NGK computing power has been increasing. Because VAST needs VAST star value for exchange, and VAST star value required to be exchanged again. The SPC computing power reward tokens are released by NGK computing power for mining. Therefore, the current market is very enthusiastic about buying NGK computing power and the premium effect has caused NGK computing power to rise.

The reporter Kim from the Korea Economic Daily asked, in addition to the launch of VAST, I heard that NGK has a new masterpiece launched, right?

NGK Korea Summit

The NGK’s representative, Park Hong Xi, replied, yes, the NGK launched its own platform, NGKEX on March 5th. It supports WeChat, Alipay and bank card purchases. The technology used in the NGKEX does not reply on a central server. The distributed mining pool allows most users to mine quickly and conveniently even when the difficulty increases.

The steady growth of value is also an important reason for choosing NGK. You can get NGK after mining in the mining pool, and you can get the corresponding value when you sell it, so there is no need to worry about no demand.

NGK Korea Summit

The participants at the summit unanimously agreed that Bitcoin has become more difficult to obtain due to its skyrocket. Now is a good time for NGK mining. Coupled with the launch of the NGKEX, the related currencies of NGK are rising with varying degrees. Take the NGK token as an example, it has been increasing at a rate of more than two points recently.

The future development of NGK is immeasurable. The emergence of NGKEX is to allow more people to get career support and have better wealth planning. If you missed Bitcoin mining, don’t miss this opportunity to obtain wealth again!