New Year’s high-fold tokens with 10,000 VAST for you.

3 min readFeb 18, 2021

In this new year, the NGK launched the new token VAST, which has become the most eye-catching star. Some people think that VAST has a price but no market, while some people think that VAST has great value and unlimited potential. In short, everyone seemed to talk about it!

It is important to choose a valuable token, starting with internal and external values.

VAST tokens

1. The value and intrinsic value of the token

It has development potential, which is in line with the current situation, and has application scenarios. Such tokens are valuable. In the final analysis, the token itself must have intrinsic value. Tokens with a wide range of circulation scenarios issued by the world’s top NGK blockchain, such as NGK, USDN, BGV, SPC, etc., have been accepted and used by users in the crypto industry. The rising star of NGK VAST token has similarities in the same way.

VAST is a new token created under the computing power ecosystem. It is launched on the NGK ecosystem to complete circulation in different application scenarios, achieving a return on investment after it is launched.

VAST tokens

VAST plays a role as a booster under the SPC computing power ecological mining. When the total computing power of the entire network exceeds 8 million, for every additional 500,000 of computing power, you will get the corresponding star value with the SPC you hold, and the star value can be exchanged for VAST tokens. Every 10,000 SPC can obtain 1 VAST. Therefore, it is difficult to obtain VAST! To get more VAST, you can only hold more SPC through computing power mining.

At present, in response to the rare and hard-to-obtain VAST situation, NGK offers special benefits. All new users who register NGK as a new member between 4pm on February 8th to 4pm on March 8th 2021, California time, with the first reload equivalent or more than US$200 (not available for purchase through the computing power market), you can get 0.2 VAST as a reward.

In this event, NGK gave out a total of tenths of VAST, and the first 50,000 new registered users stand a chance to win 0.2 VAST! The quantity is limited, you earn it if you grab it!

VAST tokens

2. The expected external value of the token

Popularity is one of the manifestations of the external value of a token. At present, the NGK has a huge user base, and every project launched has become a hot item, while the market is rushing and naturally the VAST tokens will also have higher popularity.

In addition, the two parts of NGK computing power and VAST complement each other. The two technologies and blockchain empower the NGK’s physical business, realizing unbounded payment; in turn, the NGK’s physical industries reversely empowers the NGK computing power as well as the development of VAST as its solid backing. This will also drive the external value of VAST from the side.

VAST tokens

Currently, VAST not only participate in the NGK ecosystem, but it also can make value investments in the future to achieve long-term profits.

During this process, we will also repeatedly verify the value. Only when we get real benefits can we have a long-term firm belief and a firm belief that we can hold it for a long time, forming a virtuous circle.

Hold it for free now, it will be hard to find in the future. The spring of VAST is approaching, and there is huge room for appreciation in the future. Are you sure you are not joining?