NGK builds core consensus and creates consensus value

The main force of ecological construction and development is the global consensus community. The era of blockchain has completely subverted the traditional centralization, and this new wave is characterized by the public as one of them. The current decentralized platform in the blockchain field allows everyone to participate in their own decision-making, far beyond the traditional centralized stock exchange, so that users can directly participate and make real profits.

NGK Ecological Exchange

Blockchain projects cannot do without technology, let alone the community. The community building is a very important part of the ecology. When the community has a consensus, the project will be valuable. A well-developed blockchain project must have an active community organization, as the first step for all users to understand and participate in the ecology, creating a consensus mechanism for all communities in the blockchain.

The appearance of the NGK community is to confirm the community consensus. This is an important theory.

NGK — embrace community consensus and create consensus value

It is difficult to establish project consensus now. There are too many speculators. The NGK community governance tokens are issued to solve the current pain points. The community governance establishes the first ecological institution based on high consensus through community voting, consensus locking, community mining, etc.

NGK Ecological Exchange

1. The project party establishes a foundation through the community, and the foundation locks positions through contracts. The funds are used to stabilize the currency prices to reward the online and offline works, as well as publicity and promotion.

2. Develop community ecology, assist ecological builders to establish consensus and community voting to consume the NGK tokens, which indirectly contributes to the rise in the price of NGK tokens.

3. NGK enters the DEFI field through the layout of the NGK computing power mining market. It launches the NGK computing power ecological Starry Sky project and the NGK ecology to build a community consensus, which greatly increases the number of account registrations in NGK market. There are many ecological builders enter the NGK market every day to promote the rise of various tokens such as NGK, BGV, SPC, and VAST.

NGK Ecological Exchange

So, what does NGK play? In fact, it is a consensus. Everyone reaches a consensus and works together to promote NGK. As more and more people recognize NGK, the “tokens” in their hands become more and more valuable. As a professional crypto player, holding NGK without promoting, is a waste of resources. This is an irresponsible act to your own “investment” and “team”, a denial of your dreams. Bitcoin, Ethereum and other mainstream tokens are jointly launched by a group of like-minded people through a consensus mechanism. These people have also made a fortune! The crypto industry is the only opportunity for civilians to get rich without counting on ability, relationship, background, etc., only our consensus is needed!



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