NGK consensus algorithm helps SPC sidechain coin airdrop to take off

NGK has continuously launched new projects since it faced the market. The first project in 2021 is the SPC sidechain coin project, and according to official news, two million SPC sidechain coin airdrop candies will be airdropped, and the weighted distribution will be based on the computing power of the NGK account. The airdrop of SPC sidechain coins will be launched on January 21st, 2021 and the officials will place airdrops on qualified NGK accounts within seven working days.

SPC sidechain coin

NGK’s smart contract can automatically process social and economic exchange activities according to a predetermined algorithm. For example, a vending machine, without a store clerk or other trusted intermediary, it will execute a contract to sell drinks to customers at advertised prices, and the customer will pay enough of money into the cash drawer. The logical conclusion of the NGK project concept represented by SPC is a decentralized autonomous organization, smart contract, or a contract set that contains assets and encodes the rules of the entire company or organization.

Just as computers without an Internet connection have limited functions, so do smart contract platforms that cannot connect to external functions. However, with more and more encryption functions, people are getting closer to a singularity. The moment it is no longer composed of man-made systems, it separates from reality, but becomes a control room that controls events in the real world. From then on, it will acquire at least certain properties of the country.

SPC sidechain coin airdrop

Many issues related to the interface between Ethereum and the real world have been actively discussed and studied. In some cases, ingenious solutions have been proposed. Even if most of the ways to make the system accept real-world input have been solved, the fundamental congestion of Ethereum has not been changed, the slow block production and the high gas cost bother the ecological builders. Now NGK technology represented by SPC completely solves the above problems. First, NGK reduces the complexity of consensus algorithm. We all know that the lower the complexity of the algorithm, the shorter the time to complete the calculation under the same hardware conditions. NGK uses the DPOSS consensus mechanism to replace the POW consensus mechanism, and 21 globally distributed block producers can coordinate and perform rapid transaction verification. This also ensures that NGK can correspond to almost all business ecosystems.

SPC sidechain coin airdrop

At the same time, NGK has also expanded its block capacity compared to other blockchain systems. NGK uses the state channel as a capacity expansion solution, and the state channel as a more general payment channel.

In addition, NGK also uses fragmentation technology and multi-chain architecture to help solve the speed problem of TPS. The NGK sharding technology allows each node to process only a part of transactions at the same time, such as transactions initiated by some accounts, and reduce the burden on nodes for storage and calculation. The idea of NGK multi-chain architecture is to divide the original chain into multiple chains. Each chain is responsible for part of the computing and storage business and is scalable. That is, the number of chains can increase with the increase of business volume and data, and the overall performance of the system improves with the increase of the number of chains.



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