NGK giving out 2 million SPC airdrops, how much can you get?

Recently, there are few popular quotes in the crypto industry, such as “Having 2 airdrops is better than a year’s currency speculation”, “Airdrops are amazing”, etc.

Free collection was originally an activity participated by small retail investors. However, after the several epic airdrops in the crypto industry, many small retail investors have made a fortune by winning tens of millions returns. Thus, many investors discovered that the “candy” given by the airdrop was indeed amazing, so they have started to enter the market by opening accounts and trading, trying to get a share of the next airdrop.

SPC airdrop

However, the facts have again verified that these actions are correct. I remember when NGK officially airdropped BGV, someone obtained 10 BGVs, and on the next day, they received more than US$8,000 in revenue, and this was only a small number of airdrops. There are some people who are still holding BGV, waiting for the skyrocketing in the future to sell.

So, as you can see, the token speculation keeps you busy and exhausted, but the revenue is not as great as the simple and zero-cost airdrops.

But the question is, the BGV airdrop has ended. How long will it take for us to get the next wave of airdrop bonuses?

SPC airdrop

The answer is within the next few days. According to NGK’s official news, NGK will be giving out 2 million SPC in order to thank the holders of computing power for their support to the NGK market. This also means that many computing power holders can obtain the SPC airdrop rewards and get more coins than the previous BGV.

So, how much SPC can you get?

It depends on how much computing power you have, because this SPC airdrop is mainly for the NGK computing power holders, and the airdrop will be carried out in proportion to the computing power holdings. Therefore, how much SPC you can get depends on your computing power holdings. If you have yet to become an NGK computing power holder, you could not obtain the SPC airdrop rewards. Therefore, you must purchase the NGK computing power and become an NGK computing power holder first. Secondly, after becoming an NGK computing power holder, it depends on your computing power holdings. If you want to get more SPC airdrops, you must increase your computing power.

For new members, they may have some doubts in their minds as whether purchasing the computing power will cause them loss. Don’t worry because whether it is static income or dynamic income in the NGK’s computing power, it will bring you profits regardless. However, the benefits are different depending on your computing power levels and models.

SPC airdrop

The SPC airdrop is an airdrop based on these revenues, which is absolutely a benefit for every computing power holder without any risk.

Moreover, compared to the liquidity mining which is easy to become a game for large players, while airdrops are more conducive to rewarding small and medium retail investors, which is truly for the sake of small and medium retail investors.

I remember that on the day of BGV airdrop, the NGK community went wild. Some said that they had not received the airdrop, some said that they had received a small number of airdrops, while some said they were excited for getting the airdrop. Therefore, instead of sighing and regretting, it is better to prepare early in order to obtain more SPC rewards this time.



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