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NGK realizes value circulation for the development of the global entertainment industry

Economic development and scientific and technological progress have made transport more convenient, and the resulting trend of globalization of consumption and entertainment has been increasing increasingly, while the problems of cross-border settlement, cumbersome exchange rates, exchange rate differences, and so on, which are faced with traditional entertainment payment methods, have severely restricted the development of the global entertainment industry.

NGK blockchain

NGK’s world’s first pan-entertainment public chain based on blockchain technology emerged. NGK is a distributed public chain of application based on the technology architecture of blockchain, and is dedicated to building the underlying platform of blockchain that provides services for diversified entertainment and commercial applications such as on-chain games, entertainment and social, cross-border circulation payments, etc. It is a decentralized structure, directly links the components of the entire ecological chain organically, and realizes the connection, circulation and storage of value.

NGK Public Chain Upends Tradition Reshaping Freedom and Consensus

NGK public chain is the world’s first blockchain technology as the core of a set of storage, creation, promotion, consumption, use, copyright, traceability, resource management as an integrated liberalization, transparency, decentralized pan-entertainment content industry platform, from on line to offline, comprehensive industrial upgrading and reform.

NGK blockchain

On line NGK is based on IPFS storage systems, all pan-entertainment content creators’ works and information are encrypted and permanently stored in IPFS systems, keys will remain permanently stored on NGK’s smart contracts, and will revolutionize the traditional pan-entertainment industry’s consumer ecology, break monopolies, and restore freedom and consensus.

NGK public chain uses the world’s first DPOSS consensus mechanism to build the parallel mode of transaction chain and contract chain, and realizes the information interaction between two main chains through cross-chain technology. This mode ensures that NGK systems are scalable, secure, and efficient.

The NGK public chain ecology adopts the open way of community governance, its application scene includes the decentralization exchange, the decentralization wallet, the 5G live broadcast, the global on line mall, the enterprise chain reform, the global financial payment and so on many fields. The NGK public chain introduced “community” “consensus” “exploration” “innovation” “entertainment” into digital currencies NGK and USDN, giving this era its first real combination of values. The key to the NGK’s passage is the NGK and USDN, which will be the only universal consensus proof of value for the new order.

NGK blockchain

NGK as the chain circulation Token, has the function of circulation transaction, financial management storage, let the player to play game and asset value-added win-win situation, realize the cross-chain circulation of assets at the same time to ensure the ownership of the player. NGK, as the mother currency of NGK chain, is always issued 1 billion pieces, and will never be issued more. The deflationary model represents the upside of its value.

Faced with many problems in the current global entertainment environment, the combination of NGK and the entertainment industry will bring new room for progress. It brings higher value for the unique transparency and decentralization of blockchain. Under a wave of concentrated values, inflation will no longer exist.