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NGK: Solving the Difficulty of Blockchain Users

Since the birth of Bitcoin, the blockchain industry has developed for more than ten years, and has been applied to a certain extent in the fields of finance, people’s livelihood, judicial deposit certificate, supply chain coordination, tax invoice, copyright protection, etc., but most of them belong to the marginal business, mainly to explore the pilot, application depth and breadth is insufficient. Why is this? What is holding back the development of blockchain?

NGK Blockchain

First, users find blockchain “hard”. “Difficulty” is manifested in two aspects:1) Difficulty in understanding, blockchain is a complex technology which integrates cryptography, P2P network, consensus mechanism, intelligent contract, concept abstraction, it is difficult for ordinary users to digest and absorb in a short time; 2) The engineering level is difficult, users can not easily understand what blockchain is, in practical application, different underlying chain data structure, consensus mechanism, interface implementation and other aspects are different, incompatible reality, increase the user learning pre-research, research and development implementation, operational maintenance upgrade workload and work difficulty; In particular, the interface level of the user’s direct interaction is not consistent, which greatly increases the workload of the application and different bottom chain butt matching, switching adaptation. But the NGKAPP’s launch has solved this problem. Since its launch, it has been widely praised by customers, the APP interface is smooth, including tokens, contracts, power sales, smooth operations, and easy to understand. It perfectly solves the pain points of the customers who are not easy to get started.

NGK Blockchain

Second, the technology is not mature enough. In 2014, the birth of Ethereum, completed the five core technologies of blockchain (cryptography algorithm, P2P network, consensus mechanism, intelligent contract, ledger database), blockchain is basically “available”, but not good enough. Subsequently, each blockchain platform has made efforts to solve the “good use” problem, such as upgrading the password algorithm, improve security; optimize the consensus mechanism and enhance the efficiency of consensus; research and develop new contract systems, improve Turing completeness, strengthen contract safety, and reduce the threshold for contract preparation. The rapid iteration upgrade of blockchain technology has improved the extent of the “good use” of the blockchain, but also brought the impression of the industry that the “blockchain technology is not mature enough”, coupled with the problem that some of the chain systems can not be compatible with the old version after the upgrade, which has exacerbated the phenomenon that the chain system mainly uses the wait-and-see tracking, the practice is auxiliary.

Finally, the application scenario is limited. Compared with the convenience and ecological prosperity of Internet interconnection, the application ecology of blockchain is relatively thin, which is mainly manifested in two aspects:1) The difficulty of interconnection between different chains leads to the difficulty of industry facing “chain-level islands”, the problem of “islands” limits the network boundary and application scope of the blockchain; 2) It is difficult to interact with each other in the chain, which leads to the lack of abundant data in the chain and limits the application range of blockchain. And when the user volume of NGK continues to increase and the demand for applications continues to increase, will adopt professional distributed architecture to achieve system capacity expansion, effective response to the huge volume of business, this can improve the availability of the entire system architecture, increase the distribution of the system, can greatly improve the security of the network, effectively avoid the occurrence of disease caused by ultra high frequency. NGK will design unique distributed architecture according to the required business scene, is not the traditional project technology level, the core technology mastered include system design difficulty, distributed operating system, distributed data, etc., so NGK’s APP has a strong ecological heart and future scalability.

NGK Blockchain

Thus, the Editor argues: In order to promote the development of blockchain, first of all, we need to lower the application threshold from the perspective of cognition and technology, strengthen the usability, but also strengthen the core technology research of blockchain, accelerate the arrival of the technology maturity; Promote the release of network scale value and data aggregation value. In response to these problems, the new generation of technology represented by NGK has gradually become the focus of the industry.