NGKEX is grandly launched, a key to open the door of ecological applications

Since the second half of 2020, the price of Bitcoin has continued to rise, breaking new historical highs for several times, allowing everyone to appreciate the value and charm of “digital gold” once again. The accelerated entry of traditional financial institutions and technology giants has caused the mainstream market to pay more attention to crypto assets. The crypto market is facing a major transformation. Perhaps in the future, crypto assets will become an investment strategy. During this process, the exchange platform plays an important role.


The NGKEX was officially launched at the beginning of this year. It adopted the DPOSS mechanism boldly, and it is supported by the NGK blockchain, and came in a low-key manner. The core team is made up from experts in traditional finance and technology fields such as Cisco and Goldman Sachs. It is committed to integrating the advantages and innovations of blockchain and traditional finance to provide global users with professional, safe, and friendly blockchain asset trading services. It is also reported that NGKEX has a U.S. MSB license. However, what are the advantages that attract users? The community user feedback is as follows:

1. Professional and friendly trading experience. The NGKEX attaches great importance to user experience, and it is committed to creating a user-friendly trading platform. The NGKEX currently supports perpetual contract trading of mainstream tokens and allows one margin account to trade multiple varieties. At the same time, it innovatively launches quick order and professional order. A quick order supports quick order placement on the k-line without missing any trading opportunities, while a professional order supports multiple entrusted modes, as well as flexible stop-profit and stop-loss methods.

2. Good in-depth and excellent trading experience. The NGKEX cooperates with many top market makers around the world and introduces good trading depth to ensure that user orders can be completed quickly at an advantageous price.

3. The NGKEX has established cooperation with internationally renowned blockchain big data and artificial intelligence companies, introducing its multi-market indicators, and the data of support and resistance level, to assist users in achieving profitability. It is reported that its prediction accuracy rate can reach more than 95%.

4. Attach great importance to risk education. The NGKEX provides basic trading knowledges for novice users and improves their investment level and risk awareness.


In the future, blockchain is destined to become an integration of virtual and reality, creating more application scenarios to the future of blockchain. NGK has a forward-looking trading platform and ecological model, combined with online investment and financial management, as well as long, medium, and short income concepts, a stable market model, and a compliant marketing strategy. Thus, it is believed that the NGKEX will gradually realize the mission blueprint. In the future, the NGK will build a shopping mall to realize the concept of “everyone can buy and everyone can make profit”, so that market value will be more circulated, and every aspect of lives will be more detailed. NGKEX will be the key to opening the door to the NGK ecological applications.