NGKEX solves the security issues for users, creating great future for DEX

3 min readApr 21, 2021


With the rapid development of the cryptocurrency market today, currency trading has clearly occupied the mainstream position. Although the current centralized exchanges have leading advantages in terms of user experience, transaction depth, etc., the security incidents caused by hacking attacks and internal personnel tampering with asset data due to centralized exchanges have frequently happened, losing trust from many users.

On the other hand, the rising DEX, with its advantages in security, transparency, and privacy, has won the trust of many users, and its simple and easy-to-operate features are also very popular among users. Many people in the industry believe that DEX will develop rapidly within a few years, or it will become the mainstream channel for cryptocurrency transactions.


Why choose NGKEX among many exchanges?

NGKEX is an emerging platform in the DEX field, with bottom technology of NGK blockchain. The project team members are all from Silicon Valley, they have more than ten years of extensive technical experience and core advantages in the field of blockchain technology.

In addition, NGKEX is the world’s first platform to support token transactions on its own public chain, which can provide digital asset gains for both off-exchange and on-exchange users.

Advantages of NGKEX compared to other DEXs

At present, although there are many decentralized trading platforms on the market, they seem unsatisfactory in terms of user experience. In addition, the disadvantages of slow transaction speeds in some decentralized trading platforms often cause users to miss the best trading opportunities. Due to the poor experience, the user trading volume is often small, and the transaction depth is not enough, which makes it difficult for DEX to expand the market scale.


However, the emergence of NGKEX seems to have changed this status quo. It allows users to experience the transaction speed close to a centralized exchange, with only low transaction fees.

First, from the perspective of trading pairs. On the premise of maintaining the high quality of the project, the NGKEX participated in cross-chain ecological cooperation. It is connected to potential blockchain projects such as BCH, EOS, XRP, formed a wider range of cross-chain transaction pairs, and improved the types and speed of currency listing.

Secondly, NGKEX realized the rapid completion of transactions by adopting the transaction model of “off-chain matching and on-chain settlement”. At the same time, it reduces gas costs through the design of smart contracts and consensus algorithms, and even the batch-on-chain model can minimize the gas consumption.

NGKEX makes more users feel at ease

First, NGKEX is based on its own blockchain structure and adopts the 21-block producer supervision mechanism, so that it can improve the security of users’ digital assets while ensuring the user experience. It avoids the infringement of users’ digital assets by malicious nodes and the shortcomings of traditional DEX.


In addition, once the NGKEX’s smart contract is deployed, it runs on the chain, which has irreversible characteristics and cannot be modified by anyone, including the NGKEX platform itself.

Therefore, from a technical perspective, neither the NGKEX platform nor the hackers can control and transfer the digital assets.

Concluding remarks

Compared with other DEXs, NGKEX has the advantages of high digital asset security and low transaction fees, and it also has the advantage of instant transaction speed comparable to centralized exchanges. Therefore, it has become an emerging force worthy of attention in the DEX field.