Apr 15, 2021

3 min read

NGKEX strategy: the dual operation of blockchain ecology and decentralized exchange

There is no doubt that the blockchain market is receiving more attention from the capital market during its continuous development. The various fields and major projects derived from it have also attracted more attention from investors. In the past year, the NGK blockchain is undoubtedly the most eye-catching project.

Since its inception, the NGK blockchain has been operating steadily with compliance development, linking the financial market as its core route. With the gradual development of token and blockchain market, as well as the gradual advancement of regulatory policies in various countries, it shows the forward-looking nature of the blockchain layout.

NGKEX strategy

In 2020, the NGK blockchain launched two ecological sectors, Baccarat and Calling Hippo, and achieved great success. In 2021, the NGK blockchain once again launched the Starry Sky plan, which was also very rewarding. The total computing power of NGK’s entire network has achieved a sharp increase, and many new accounts have been registered, which has increased the overall value of the NGK blockchain.

Currently, the NGK blockchain is laying out the DEX market and it will soon launch the NGKEX. The emergence of NGKEX ecology is not only the improvement of the NGK blockchain ecology, but also the integration. At the same time, it combines the characteristics of decentralized exchanges to achieve a dual operation.

NGKEX strategy

It is understood that the NGKEX is based on the bottom technology of the NGK blockchain, and naturally, it has all the core technologies and advantages of the NGK blockchain. For example, the DPOSS consensus mechanism adopted by the NGKEX can reduce the resource loss caused by POW, thereby reducing gas fees, and saving users’ transaction costs. For another example, the NGKEX uses graphene technology, which has extremely high throughput and low latency. It produces blocks every 3 seconds. The high-performance TPS can reach more than 2000, which greatly improves the processing efficiency. The low throughput and high latency of today’s blockchain are having a sharp contrast. At the same time, the NGKEX has also made improvements on the smart contract, which can avoid the risk of similar Ethereum contract attacks, ensuring the stable operation of the NGKEX and improving the safety of all users of the ecological exchange.

NGKEX strategy

In addition, the NGKEX is constantly improving online varieties. From the current point of view, the NGKEX can realize the transaction of main chain tokens: NGK/USDN, BGV/USDN, SPC/USDN, and VAST/USDN. In the future, the NGKEX will also support the sidechain token transaction of the NGK blockchain. At the same time, after continuous technological improvement, the NGKEX is also expected to support the token market such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other mainstream token transaction services.

At present, the internal testing of NGKEX has entered the finalization work, and it will be launched soon. All trading varieties will also be launched in batches. At that time, users can enjoy digital financial services in the NGKEX ecosystem conveniently and safely.