Node business experience, how can NGK investors get income through block producer?

3 min readApr 23, 2021


With the launch of NGK, NGK block producer’s approach has also attracted widespread attention from investors. What is the reward mechanism for supernodes? How do you benefit from block producer? Next, we can answer these two questions through the specific explanation of this article.

NGK’s investors want to make money through block producer in two main ways: voting rewards; Another is a reward.

NGK Blockchain

1. Voting rewards

NGK.IO adopts the DPOSS consensus mechanism, with each holder of NGK.IO having the right to vote. The vote is not a direct gain, but in the block producer election, the holder of NGK.IO can choose a block producer that is good enough and reliable to ensure the stable operation of the NGK.IO network; On the other hand, in the referendum, NGK.IO holders’ vote on the proposal will enable communities to express their views on specific NGK.IO ecological issues, and even change the setting and composition of NGK.IO’s thematic network, which is conducive to the stable and prosperous development of NGK.IO ecology. When both are achieved, as NGK.IO develops, the NGK.IO holder’s currency will appreciate, which is the indirect voting gain.

In addition, in order to motivate the holders of the token to vote, NGK.IO proposed a voting incentive mechanism to reward the holders of the token to vote, reduce the voting time and improve efficiency.

NGK Blockchain

When NGK’s global community votes, it takes two main steps for the holder to gain from the vote:

i. The holder of the token votes until the end of the voting, examines the eligibility of the voter, and liquidates the income of the voter if the voter is eligible to vote.

ii. When the earnings are calculated, the voters cannot immediately receive the earnings, and the corresponding rewards need to be obtained through lock-up periods.

The closer the voting date is to the date when the community votes, the more likely it is to receive community rewards.

2. The Block’s Bonus

There are 300 candidate nodes in NGK distributed data center. The participants in these candidate nodes typically include pools, cryptocurrency swaps, blockchain consultants and NGK.IO enthusiasts teams. The voting supernode will be traded according to the block generation order for block production rewards.

NGK.IO’s block producer, as a block producer, has the most direct rights to block and book. The most direct right at the reward level is 95% of the total transaction fee. In the absence of a community campaign for block producer, the NGK.IO Official Foundation manages 21 block producer, with 6/10 of the top 10 nodes and 3/11 of the bottom 11 nodes.

NGK Blockchain

The formula for calculating the block-out rate is: Actual number of blocks in a period/actual number of blocks in a period

When a community of block producer enters, NGK’s official block producer gradually exits, but at least three official block producer remain, continuing to reward users who vote for the official block producer and who run the entire node.

The NGK’s vote and block awards are stored in NGK’s system account, and investors can query the corresponding NGK account balance through the NGK public-chain APP.