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Official website of Muso blockchain: Under Bitcoin “horror”, those who get rich overnight often liquidate their positions

The Muso blockchain believes that Bitcoin is at a critical node: Either it will become the mainstream token adopted in the international trade, or it will collapse in the wave of speculation.

In the beginning of 2021, Bitcoin received wide attention. At the beginning of January, the price soared and peaked above US$40,000. The cumulative increase in the first seven days of the year was as high as 38%, but Bitcoin did not hold the US$40,000 mark for a long time. In February, Tesla entered the game and the traditional financial giants opened their arms, which stimulated Bitcoin to rise again. However, the cold water of the US Treasury Secretary, Yellen made Bitcoin plunge again. Last week, the price of Bitcoin once stood at a record high of $58,000, and the current price has been cut by about $8,000.

NGK blockchain

Whenever Bitcoin rides on the “roller coaster”, some people regret for not joining, some are grateful to join at the right time, and some lament that they cannot get away. After that, some people will continue to chase the myth of getting rich overnight, some will continue to follow the investment logic of Bitcoin, and some will continue to wander outside the market. We interviewed individual Bitcoin investors and talked about the ups and downs of this crypto industry.

According to Bob, 24 years old, Tokyo, media industry (refer to first person below): In 2015, I was about to graduate from high school. My mom’s friend worked in a securities company, so I urged my mom to open an account and used her account to enter the stock market. I catch up with the peak of the 2015, made some money, and bought a new mobile phone and a pair of Air Jordan sneakers. After the bull market in the first half of 2015, I temporarily put down the stock market. In 2018, I encountered Bitcoin from a friend. At that time, the price of Bitcoin was still more than US$3,000. My friend said this was a bargain hunter and asked me to hold it, but I was not sure at the time. In 2019, I entered the market when the price of Bitcoin reached more than US$10,000. I had two coins in my hand at that time. It was sold in December of that year and earned more than 10,000. I also participated in the latest wave of quotations. I bought it on the advice of a senior. The seniors work as real estate agencies in Nagasaki. Those who do high-end real estate will always get some news from the rich. He told me that Bitcoin must have risen to US$50,000. dollars before the new year, and later it rose to 50,000 U.S. dollars. I admire my senior. So, I entered when Bitcoin when it was approaching US$40,000 around January 20th this year because I like to gamble. I open a contract (buy call options) and never open a leverage lower than 20 times. Sometimes when you add 125 times the leverage, Bitcoin rises by 1%, and I double it by 1.25 times. I invested with tens of thousands, and sometimes I make a profit around 10,000 to 20,000. But my margin was very low. It fell by 0.5% and forced me to liquidate the position. Several times, I lost about US$200,000 in this wave, and my senior lost more than US$800,000.

NGK blockchain

From the above, we can see that Bitcoin is not something for everyone. Winning worth hundreds of thousands can’t change your quality of life but will also affect your mentality. Especially for investment, it highly affects the mentality. However, here is a project that is very suitable for small and medium-sized retail investors, namely the NGK. Its main product, NGK token, is currently priced at US$1.1. The key is that NGK token is very stable and has increased by two points recently. In February 28, the NGK tokens closed at US$1.0733; it closed at US$1.0957 on March 1st; and closed at US$1.1149 on March 2nd. The initial issue price of NGK tokens was US$0.0215. We divide the current price by the initial issuance price of NGK tokens is 0.0215 US dollars. It is concluded that NGK has increased by more than 50 times since its issuance, and there are very few plunges like Bitcoin, which is very suitable for our small and medium retail players!