SPC airdrop triggered the enthusiasm and popularity of crypto market

The crypto market is very happening recently, discussing how to make a fortune and getting airdrop tokens like BGV for free. After all, the current rise of BGV is obvious, and it really complied with the phrase “airdrop for a day, token speculation for a year”. It is really heartbreaking to see that I have been working hard and racking my brains for coin speculation the entire year, and the money earned hasn’t been more profitable than the airdrops made by Kevin next door. Is he lamenting his bad luck or resenting his indecision? In short, the huge benefits brought by airdrops really make gone wild.

However, it doesn’t matter, because airdrop tokens like BGV are here again! Recently, the NGK officially announced that it will airdrop 2 million SPCs to reward the NGK computing power holders. As long as you have a valid account and NGK computing power, you can receive it for free.

This is definitely good news for many ecological builders!

However, we must remind everyone that before the official admission, you should make sufficient preparations and arrangements in advance to get more SPC rewards.

First of all, ecological builders who have not entered the market can study the NGK’s computing power income model, analyze which computing power income model and level is suitable for them, and then choose according to their financial status and ability.

Secondly, those who have entered the market can choose to increase their computing power appropriately accordingly. If your condition allows, it is definitely a good thing to add more computing powers as you can obtain more SPC rewards, which means that you will have greater SPC dividends in the future.

Please be reminded that the number of SPC airdrops is limited, and the time for SPC airdrops is getting closer. Therefore, for those ecological builders who are still hesitating, hurry up and make your decision. After all, this great opportunity is rare, and if you missed this chance, it might never come again! Moreover, the future value of SPC will be very high, so if you want to obtain huge profits, you must be fully prepared and have enough patience.

At present, we can see from the official data that the number of NGK registered accounts is gradually increasing recently. The data analysis shows that this trend will increase sharply as the date approaches. Therefore, for ecological builders who have not yet entered, you must enter the market as soon as possible. Do not miss this wealth opportunity!