Star value, SPC, and computing power form a three-element perpetual motion mechanism! VAST leads you to grasp the era!

At present, the services provided by the centralized financial system for users have reached new heights in terms of convenience and ease of use. However, with the development of the era, the public’s demand for financial security and controllability has further increased, requiring decentralized financial service providers to provide more creative solutions. For this reason, Shengda Blockchain provides guarantee through unique characteristic technology in the design of the application layer: high-performance transaction blockchain, complete decentralization, openness, extreme compatibility, cross chain gateway, community-driven, support spot and derivatives trading, cross-platform. The equity proof mechanism guarantees fast and safe transactions. Through the parallel chain composed of node clusters, assets in different regions can circulate more quickly and efficiently.

Star value

How to humanize the design of digital incentives is the main problem faced by entrepreneurs. It can be divided into internal problems and external problems. The internal problem is how to use the most effective incentive mechanism to thoroughly stimulate the internal production and management potential of the enterprise. Secondly, the external problem is how to accomplish the promotion, marketing and sales of products and services at the most reasonable cost and speed ratio. In the traditional model, these two problems are separated and completed by different teams or different internal employees where there is only some simple communication between the two parties. Of course in the end it is still fragmented and there is no way to motivate them quickly through equity incentives.

Star value

However, NGK’s newly launched VAST project is institutionally composed of a three-element perpetual motion mechanism with SPC, star value, and computing power. It is developed under the concepts of co-construction, consensus, co-system, openness and freedom! The financial model it has formed can just keep the ecological perpetual movement! VAST will lead you to grasp the engine of the era and start the miracle of wealth!

The three-element perpetual motion mechanism ecosystem of the VAST project can generate a steady stream of energy just like nuclear fusion, thus injecting inexhaustible power into the ecosystem! It integrates intelligent entities such as total mining pool, ecological nodes, computing power, ecological destruction, ecological incentives, energy storage pool, and income. Through staking mining and computing power, the released VAST project enters the computing power income, and the multiplied computing power and project income are continuously converted to achieve a healthy and sustainable operation!

VAST tokens

In the NGK ecology, USDN, NGK, BGV, SPC, and VAST are interlocking and complementary, forming a pyramid with the based of USDN and NGK, BGV and SPC in the middle, and VAST on the top. As we all know, the pyramid shape is the crystallization of mankind’s geometry and mathematics for thousands of years, and it has super high stability. As long as the price of NGK increases, the prices of BGV and SPC will inevitably increase, which will eventually drive the price of VAST. In turn, the favorable price increase of VAST, BGV and SPC will also drive NGK to rise.

VAST has accelerated the decentralization and liquidity of NGK. It can be said that while VAST enriches the NGK ecosystem, it in turn receives feedback from the NGK ecosystem. Currency prices continue to rise, and the two complement each other. NGK has always focused on ecological builders to help the rapid and healthy development of the ecosystem. VAST is also an application on the NGK blockchain. The future application ecology will not only be limited to wallets, but also include shopping malls, games, and many other applications that require online payment scenarios. It committed to realizing the closed loop of NGK ecology and contributing to NGK’s unique ecology!



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