The DEX multi-chain war is not over. How does NGKEX breakthrough the game and reach the top?

The blockchain market has never lacked enthusiasm, but the fields are different. From the early duel on the blockchain, to the DeFi competition, to the current DEX war, every craze has amazed players. Especially today’s DEX war is far more competitive than DeFi. Although it is an important part of the DeFi field, the major blockchain projects have shifted their attention to DEX. From the current point of view, the multi-chain war of DEX is far from over. In other words, the multi-chain war has just begun.

At present, in the DEX field, there is mainly a situation where the top four are competing.


The name Uniswap comes from the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin. It has also become a representative of the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem. However, due to the underlying performance limitations of Ethereum, such as high fees and low efficiency, it is not friendly to retail investors. These problems act as an opportunity for challengers.

Sushiswap has a great reputation in DeFi, but its drawbacks are similar to Uniswap, and it is not popular with retail investors. Recently, the SUSHI community released a proposal on “BONSAI” to build SushiSwap based on Serum and Solana.


While PancakeSwap is the leader of Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and it has become an indispensable infrastructure on BSC.

On the other hand, the NGKEX is the dark horse of DEX. It is originally based on the NGK blockchain. It relies on the DPOSS consensus mechanism to quickly get off the ground. Within a week after it was launched, the daily trading volume has broken through day by day, and it has increased sharply day by day. In terms of trading volume, it has far surpassed PancakeSwap; in terms of current trading volume trends, it may surpass Sushiswap soon. In the future, with the expansion of the scope of NGKEX, it may be comparable to Uniswap.

The main reason why the NGKEX’s trading volume has grown so rapidly and so popular among ecological builders is that it has advantages that other DEX platforms do not have.

In terms of transaction speed, the NGKEX integrates graphene technology and upgrades its technology. Its current throughput can reach 12,038 transactions per second, which is unique in the industry. Thus, users who trade with NGKEX can enjoy fast transaction speed.


In terms of platform performance, the NGKEX adopts InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) to process all data in fragments, which greatly compresses the space occupied by the data and enables large-capacity storage. Therefore, the NGKEX can support large-scale transactions without causing congestion easily, and it has stable platform performance.

In terms of transaction fees, the DPOSS consensus mechanism adopted by NGKEX can reduce gas consumption, thereby saving users’ transaction fees. In other words, users’ transaction costs have been effectively reduced.

In terms of handling fees, the NGKEX has opened the TRC20 channel, with free handling fee. Moreover, users can use TRC20 to transfer money quickly. The transaction can be realized in seconds.


The advantages of NGKEX have made it recognized by many users and institutions before it went online. So, when it went live, both the registration volume and the trading volume have soared.

In the future, as NGKEX gradually develops services such as blockchain education, blockchain project cultivation, and blockchain asset issuance, the ecological scope of NGKEX will be further expanded. It is expected to break through and reach the top in this fiercely competitive DEX.



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