The innovative model adopted by the NGKEX allows users to share handling fee bonuses!

The NGKEX has been launched for some time. In terms of handling fees, the NGK adopts a free handling fee approach to attract more users, while the NGKEX adopts an innovative model, so that ecological construction participants can share the fee bonus.

As we all know, handling fees can be a great attraction, and there are not many trading platforms that have emerged this year, so handling fee mining has its advantages. The NGKEX uses a similar transaction-mining model, which maximizes the handling fee.


In March 2021, the NGKEX launched a series of marketing promotions such as “Trading is Mining”, “100% Income Dividend”, and “Rebate Invitation”, etc.

The NGKEX relies on the transaction-mining model. Under the circumstance that the top exchanges dominate the main users, it has taken a blood path. Within ten days, the transaction volume has achieved a qualitative leap, and the outlook is looking great.

In response to this sudden upsurge of encrypted numbers, the NGKEX plans to launch an “open and win-win plan” to support dozens of new currencies.


The NGKEX believes free handling fees, sharing of handling fee repurchase with the participants of NGK ecological construction, and returning all transaction or mining fees to the user, can bring about an increase in the participants of the ecological construction.

With that, the NGKEX can continue to increase the number of participants in ecological construction. Stimulated by the NGKEX, aggressive ways of attracting customers such as mining dividends, trading dividends, currency holding dividends, and airdrop dividends have emerged in the market. In the improvement of the listing fee, we have seen many ways to vote for listing. Nowadays, the platform token model has become the standard model of the exchange. Without a platform token, one cannot be considered as an exchange. The platform token has entered the hearts of the exchange. In the future, the NGKEX will also launch its own platform currency. In terms of contract revenues discussed in the NGKEX, a contract with order model has evolved. Starting from the KOL community, users are attracted to obtain user sources through the transaction with orders, but these have not been expanded.


The main contradiction of the current blockchain system is that the operating efficiency of DAPP is seriously deviated from the actual business needs, the serious shortcomings of digital transactions and performance, and the high cost of connecting to the real world.

At the beginning of its emergence, the NGK blockchain technically abandoned the verification method of a wide range of nodes, and adopted the DPOSS mechanism, where 21 major block producers produced blocks, and a voting incentive mechanism was used to reduce the possibility of major nodes cheating. This is currently the most feasible way to improve the performance. In other words, NGK blockchain focuses on reality, and its model design is closer to the needs of commercial users.



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