The issuance of the new currency VAST is imminent, accelerating the value of the NGK Ecological Star Project

With the widespread popularity of blockchain, people have a new understanding of blockchain technology as well. Many users know that in the blockchain world, there are not only Bitcoin and Ethereum smart contracts, but there are actually many smart contracts based on blockchain projects. In addition, the smart contracts of some blockchain projects have their own unique advantages, and they can even surpass Bitcoin and Ethereum smart contracts technically, which is more conducive to the popularization of the blockchain market. Among them, the smart contract of the NGK blockchain is included.

NGK Ecological Star Project

As we all know, the NGK blockchain was built by the NGK Spirit Stone. It has top-notch technical advantages, unmatched by other blockchain projects, even Bitcoin and Ethereum. The NGK blockchain integrates the DPOSS consensus mechanism, IPFS storage mechanism, and block producer voting mechanism, making the NGK blockchain more technically perfect. It has fast block generation speed, large storage capacity, strong anti-forking ability, and can support large-scale user transactions. Therefore, when the NGK blockchain was emerged, it was welcomed by many users. The NGK ecological sectors built based on the bottom technology of the NGK blockchain have also been affirmed by many users.

Recently, NGK officially announced the creation of a brand-new ecological sector which is the Star Project, and the issuance of the Star Project Coin, SPC. At the same time, in order to further improve the Star Project, NGK will officially launch the VAST coin in February. It can be said that the issuance of VAST coins will accelerate the value of the NGK Ecological Star Project. Why does it say so?

NGK Ecological Star Project

The main reason for this is that the value of VAST. It can be said that in the field of capital markets, value always comes first. A token with no value is equivalent to a bubble.

The value of VAST lies first in its scarcity. Its issuance quantity is only 100,000 with no additional issuance, no reserved, and will not fork into other coins. However, the market it faces is huge. It can be said that the market that VAST faces is the entire NGK computing power market where all NGK computing power holders have the opportunity to obtain VAST coins. Therefore, for the huge computing power market, VAST is scarce and in short supply.

NGK Ecological Star Project

Second, the value of VAST is that it is difficult to obtain. It is very difficult to get VAST. Holders of NGK computing power need to actively participate in NGK computing power mining to obtain SPC coin rewards. After receiving the SPC reward, it is necessary to obtain the star value when the total network computing power reaches 8 million or more. Then when the star value accumulated to 10,000, it could then be redeemed for VAST.

It is precisely because of the scarcity and inaccessibility of VAST that ecological builders and even institutions have noticed its value. It is precisely because of this that many ecological builders and institutions have expressed their willingness to participate in the NGK computing power market. Furthermore, this will also facilitate the expansion of the NGK computing power ecological Star Project, accelerate its value, and greatly promote the sustainable development of the Star Project.