Jan 28, 2021

3 min read

The NGK DeFi project will be launched soon to create a decentralized closed-loop financial ecosystem!

According to the latest official news, NGK has announced in recent days that it will enter the DeFi sector, and the NGK DeFi project will be a hub-and-spoke trading platform, with the biggest function being the exchange of digital currencies. After the user chooses the digital currency to pay and the digital currency to buy, the system itself will give the expected transaction price, the sliding point, the influence to the market price and the transaction processing fee. If users agree to the price, they can click on the exchange to trade after connecting their wallet.

NGK DeFi project

If the deal succeeds, the information is packaged into the NGK blockchain, which charges miners GAS fees at a certain rate, which varies with the congestion on the network, and the GAS charges and the transaction amounts are generally irrelevant (less than above Ethereum). If the transaction fails, there will be a certain GAS charge.

With the launch of the NGK DeFi project, the platform has already labeled itself a de-centralized platform, and there is still a long way to go to achieve that goal. As the coffers are released, control of the NGK DeFi project team/investor/consultant will be diluted, and eventually control of the agreement will be transferred to the community.

NGK DeFi project

We’ve seen an impressive growth in the DeFi market, and with the launch of NGK DeFi, there’s a general perception in the industry that it’s on track to continue to be one of the most valuable platforms in the encryption industry, and if the agreement fee conversion is activated (i.e., NGK token holders can earn a portion of the transaction fee), there’s a very good chance that NGK token holders will get a sustainable, substantial return!

The newly launched NGK DeFi project is the first DeFi product of NGK’s ecosystem, designed to create a completely equal decentralized closed-loop financial ecosystem that will reduce the size of other bubble DeFi projects. The new project to provide liquidity providers to grant rights and interests of the universal mining rewards (liquidity mining), is a practical application of the scene of the decentralized trading platform. It is an NGK-based agreement designed to facilitate automatic exchange transactions between digital assets in NGKs and to provide liquidity on NGKs automatically. NGK is fully deployed on the chain, which is available to any individual user with a decentralized wallet software. NGK is trying to completely disintermediate by using decentralized agreements in the process of trading digital assets.

NGK DeFi project

Some people believe that the NGK DeFi deal is de-centralized, and others feel that it is misleading, but regardless of your views, NGK token holders and their large communities will benefit from the continued development of NGK DeFi!