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The NGK global roadshow was perfectly held in Korea, with three major themes attracting attention!

Recently, the NGK Global Roadshow was successfully held in South Korea. This roadshow invited blockchain industry experts, investment bank elites, and representatives of various ecological industries. At the same time, many well-known Korean media conducted real-time online reports. Unlike previous roadshows, this roadshow invited three speakers to give speeches on three topics. The wonderful speech of each speaker won the recognition of the guests and audience, and the scene was very lively.

There are three themes to share in this roadshow, namely: blockchain, digital finance, and DeFi.

NGK global roadshow

The first speaker on stage was Ms. Lisa, who mainly shared the status and future development of the blockchain. She believes that currently, blockchain has been rapidly popularized with the development of Internet technology. Even in the current financial crisis, the blockchain market is still very popular. However, despite the wide range of current blockchain development, there are still some people who have a deep misunderstanding about blockchain. In their opinion, blockchain is equivalent to speculation.

Lisa explained that blockchain can bring changes to everyone’s lives. For example, the NGK blockchain can be implemented in many ecological industries such as wineries, finance, medical care, new energy, technology, real estate, etc., and the enterprise information in these ecological industries can be uploaded to the chain, which can ensure the authenticity of data, guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. At the same time, it can also expand the market for these ecological industries.

NGK global roadshow

Lisa’s speech was recognized by the people present, and praised by the second speaker, Jam.

Jam said that blockchain and token are indeed different. The token can only be a part of the blockchain and promote the better development of the blockchain. To facilitate everyone’s understanding, he vividly described the relationship between the NGK blockchain and the NGK native token by taking them as examples.

Jam said that the NGK blockchain is a blockchain platform, and the NGK native token is created by the NGK blockchain and runs on the NGK blockchain. For example, in the future, the NGK blockchain will be applied to the red wine industry. Wine companies can put all the red wine produced from production to circulation and then to customers. This series of information will be uploaded to the chain so that users can clearly view the information of red wine. At the same time, these red wine products can also be linked to the Dapp mall of the NGK blockchain, and users can use the NGK native token to purchase red wine through the Dapp mall.

NGK global roadshow

Jam’s speech was easy to understand, and the audience present all admired the power and magic of the NGK blockchain and NGK tokens.

The last one was Ms. Hebi, who shared with everyone the status and future development of DeFi. She believes that from the current point of view, DeFi is facing high fees and serious congestion problems, which severely restrict its future development. Fortunately, the emergence of the NGK blockchain has solved the current embarrassing situation. Under the DeFi field, the NGK blockchain launched the Baccarat project and improved the technology. At the same time, it also recently launched NGKEX, a sub-field of DeFi-the DEX. It has fast transaction speed, large storage capacity, and low handling fee, which is very popular among users. This will promote the development of the DEX field, which in turn will also promote the development of DeFi.

After the speeches from three speakers, the roadshow also came to an end. Many audiences posed questions to them, and they patiently answered them. Finally, the Korean roadshow ended perfectly with the singing and music as the background.