Mar 3, 2021

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There are more than 100 million cryptocurrency users worldwide, and baby boomers and Gen X are keen on them

A survey by, a digital asset trading website, showed that in January alone, the number of global cryptocurrency users increased by 15.7%. As of January 2021, there are 106 million cryptocurrency users worldwide. The researcher from, Kevin Wang believes that the strong growth of Bitcoin is the main driving force behind this peak.

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Among the major events last year, what is striking is the PayPal’s decision to integrate cryptocurrency into its payment network, and many large institutions have begun to adopt cryptocurrency to promote the current upsurge in the growth of digital assets. In addition to Bitcoin, the growth of DeFi allows Ethereum to lead the growth of the digital asset market in August 2020. With the surge in the number of cryptocurrency users for digital assets, June and August last year and January 2021 achieved “extraordinarily strong months” for cryptocurrency performance. Kevin Wang pointed out that while the price of Bitcoin is strong, Bitcoin holdings have also shown a strong growth trend.

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To estimate the number of global digital asset users, calculates the on-chain data of BTC and ETH separately and combines them with other parameters. However, this discovery was subject to some restrictions and warnings, which may not be able to effectively estimate the OTC users and non-chain transactions. At the same time, the sub-account of the exchange may not be accurately reflected. Despite this, the researchers believe that all users on the chain still own digital assets, although some may have sold their assets.

At the same time, another survey showed that “baby boomers” and “Gen X” are “saving” a variety of digital assets. A global public opinion survey conducted by a well-known company found that 70% of customers over the age of 55 have invested or plan to invest in cryptocurrencies this year. While token captures the attention of young people, the older generation represented by “baby boomers” and “Gen X” recognizes that “Borderless token is the way forward.” On the other hand, social media hype and headlines encouraged the millennials. A catalyst for generations and Z to invest in Bitcoin. However, respondents over age of 55 are interested in the digital assets because they are worried about the devaluation of traditional currencies. Since the world fell into the epidemic, central banks of various countries have printed more money to boost the economy.

NGK Blockchain

Baby boomers also agree: “Putting extra money into the market is actually accepting the devaluation of traditional currencies. Reasonable concerns about inflation have prompted them to look for assets that can be used as substitutes.”

In addition to the popular Bitcoin, several new projects launched by NGK are also hot spots in the future. Among them, BGV is currently listed on the exchange and has a very high rate of return. VAST is already issuing massive airdrops, I believe this will be another excellent opportunity to users to join the market!