This article takes you to understand NGK official website and blockchain browser

4 min readApr 23, 2021

It’s been six days since the main network was launched. NGK’s token price also rose to $0.28 from the opening price of $0.0215, a 13-fold increase. The surge in the price of NGK’s currency has given NGK users and investors great confidence that the future market for NGK is being watched by more people.

Many NGK investors are already making a lot of money, and many are beginning to learn about the project. To make it easier for more investors and viewers to understand NGK programs, today the editor will take you through the NGK Web and blockchain browsers.

NGK official website

Open the NGK website, you can see the white paper on the website homepage, click on the white paper, you can see the specific technology of the NGK project and the market introduction.

The mouse drops and you can see how long NGK is from the line up now, and basic information about NGK tokens, 21 block producer, USDN and apps. On the main web page, continue the mouse slide, you can also see the NGK price prediction, the concept of NGK, the public chain brief, as well as 21 outbound nodes and so on.

Back at the top of the page, you can see that the Official Web browser includes concepts, smart contracts, products, development tools, DAPP, news and more.

NGK official website

Among them, we can see the description and evaluation of the intelligent contract in the intelligent contract, we can see the wallet and browser in the product, and we can see the white paper and the electric code in the development tools. In the news, we can get real-time industry updates, where we can see the global nodes of the NGK layout and the business plans of NGK.

In the main column of, the most important is the product column, which can be downloaded by clicking the subcolumn wallet under the product. NGK mobile phone APP download unlimited, Android and IOS system universal. If the mobile phone Android system, click Android, the QR code will appear, turn on the mobile phone scanning code download installation; If the phone is an Apple ios system, just tap the ios and do the same.

NGK official website

Of course, there’s an important baby underneath the product, in addition to downloading and installing the NGK phone app. That is, by clicking on the browser in the product subcolumn, you can jump to the blockchain browser, which is very important to investors. Here, investors can learn more about NGK blocks, tokens and contracts.

On the HOME home page of a blockchain browser, investors can search the search bar for blocks they want to know, Trx hash values, and their accounts.

If you drop the mouse, you can see that in real-time transactions, you’re out of blocks, and because the person who gets the block right gets a block reward, that’s a token, in order to get a reward, everyone will fight for the block right. This also leads to real-time trading. Click on a piece below Action to see the details of TRX. Trx hash value, block hash value, block and producer. This information is important to investors, who can use these details to determine the next trade.

Back at the front page of the blockchain browser, the mouse continues to slide, and investors can see the 21 nodes of NGK Global, which are located in 13 countries across five continents, including the US, Germany, Japan, Canada, and South Korea. Twenty-one nodes make blocks through competition mechanism., the NGK website, and blockchain browsers are both important and useful tools for investors to understand NGK projects. With the popularity of NGK, more and more investors and beginner will recognize NGK through NGK’s official website and blockchain browser.