Washington Financial Times and other media reported that VAST is extremely valuable!

Recently, the Washington Financial Times and Los Angeles Business Journal and many other media have conducted special reports on the upcoming VAST.

The Washington Financial Times columnist, Fudge asked that previously there were many reports that NGK officials will fully support the computing power market, so is there any official plan now?

VAST tokens

The interviewed NGK representative, Madelson said that in order to thank the NGK advocates for their support, we will do our best to assist the computing power market, launch a new Starry Sky project, and issue a star token SPC to airdrop additional rewards for the computing power holders. So far, SPC has successfully completed two rounds of airdrops and reached an initial consensus.

The Los Angeles Business Journal reporter, Bobson asked again, how does the issuance of VAST token affect NGK itself?

The representative Madelson replied that the NGK’s VAST project is intended to improve the liquidity and decentralization of the NGK’s computing power. With that, VAST implements data production and control data in a distributed mode. It uses the state channel as a capacity expansion solution. The state channel is a more general payment channel used to make payments and perform arbitrary state transitions on the blockchain. It can cooperate with block producers to realize fast transaction confirmation.

VAST tokens

The Washington Financial Times columnist, Fudge asked, can you tell us about the specific procedures of the VAST token?

In addition, NGK will release the SPC’s sub-coin VAST. The total circulation of VAST is 100,000 units, first exchange is first served, while stocks last. The number of issuances is less than one thousandth of SPC, therefore, 100,000 SPC can be exchanged for 10VAST. However, the total issuance of VAST is more than six times that of BGV tokens. It is estimated that the value of VAST will be higher than SPC and BGV after it goes online. Thus, by holding SPC, you can obtain the VAST star value.

VAST tokens

Los Angeles Business Journal reporter Bobson said that VAST is an excellent project. Can you tell us about the specific release rules?

The representative of NGK, Madelson replied that when the total network computing power reaches 8 million, the first Star value will be rewarded, and then for every increase of 500,000, the Star value will be rewarded again; when the whole network computing power reaches 8.5 million, the second Star value is rewarded; when the entire network’s computing power reaches 9 million, the third Star value will be rewarded, etc. The highest calculation is 20 million computing power, and the cumulative Star value will be rewarded 10 times. According to the previous calculation, each holder of computing power can get 0.4SPC. When the computing power of the entire network reaches 8 million, that is, 8 million * 0.4spc = 3.2 million SPC.

The Washington Financial Times, Los Angeles Business Journal and many other media wish VAST, a Visa coin, for a smooth issuance. I believe that in the future, with the support of VAST’s excellent ecology, the NGK ecology will definitely become more perfect, a unique and perfect existence in the blockchain world!



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