Why is the safe and efficient NGKEX attractive?

The launch of the NGKEX has been circulating in the industry of NGK ecological construction participants. The NGKEX is a safe and high-performance professional exchange launched by UICI and NGK, focusing on the huge digital asset derivatives market. In the few days since its launch, the BTC and ETH perpetual and options have been launched successively, which have been welcomed by institutions and individual users.


The NGKEX has industry-leading technology, security, and risk management, aiming to provide users with an institutional-level and smooth trading experience with the first-class liquidity. The strategic positioning of the derivatives trading platform of NGKEX is to serve institutions and individuals all over the world, including miners/hedges, prime brokers, proprietary dealers, and individuals. The diversified customers will make the price discovery provided by the NGKEX more efficient and representative, thereby ensuring the most competitive price difference and an excellent customer experience. The risk control system of the NGKEX is built by a world-class team of derivatives, risk control and technical experts. The platform funds are escorted by the custodian, Cactus Custody, aiming to pursue the ultimate safety.

Unlike other derivatives exchanges, the NGKEX has launched options that require extremely high and professional platform as soon as it went online, and it has achieved dazzling results. According to Skew data, the current NGKEX’s option trading volume ranks third in the options market, and it is the world’s leading trading platform.


At present, the NGKEX supports multiple trading pairs of ETH, BTC and USDT. It realizes the cross-chain deposit and withdrawal of digital assets on multiple different blockchain platforms. The NGKEX will support the cross-chain mapping for all the assets in these blockchain systems, and there will be no handling fee (TRC20). The NGKEX has officially introduced the assistance in cross-chain channels. With that, project parties can apply for the NGKEX to dock multi-chain tokens and enjoy the free DeFi experience from the cross-chain + project blockchain, that is, N+N cross-chain. The NGK official provides technical support, priority listing, as well as free deposit and withdrawal services to truly dock the blockchain technology and switch between multiple chains easily. The interoperability brought by cross-chain makes it possible to share value between the two chains. With that, the holders of ecological assets from different blockchain can exchange their rights and interests under the ecological context of both parties and realize multiple benefits from the internal and external ecological scenarios. The NGKEX will serve as a center, connecting the cross-chain technology to bring about multi-chain operations between different blockchain projects. This enables different blockchain projects to integrate and circulate their native assets according to their will, becoming a one-stop cross-chain center.