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Why NGKEX may become an underestimated dark horse on the DEX?

In 2018, the concept of DeFi emerged. However, DeFi did not penetrate the hearts of people at the time. Many people have never heard of this term, and only a very small number of people can understand the surface of it. Until 2020, the Uniswap trend has driven the popularity of the DeFi field. The DeFi has also become the focus of the capital market.

However, the rise of DeFi does not seem to be smooth. In addition to the soaring and falling of major conceptual cryptocurrencies, it is also accompanied by the soaring of Ethereum gas fees, transaction congestion, and high transfer fees, which severely restrict its future development. On the other hand, this also allows other blockchain projects to see opportunities, and promotes the development of the DEX field to some extent.


The emergence of DEX can be said to make up for the shortcomings of DeFi, allowing the capital market to see new wealth opportunities. However, DEX is still in its early stages, and various developments are not perfect. Currently, there is an urgent need for a top platform, such as NGKEX.

It is reported that NGKEX has been launched recently and has successfully set off a fever in the DEX field. At present, the daily trading volume of DEX has exceeded tens of billions of dollars, and the average number of daily active addresses has exceeded 50,000.

The NGKEX has low transaction cost, fast transfer speed, zero transfer cost, fast transaction speed, and more stable network, and it has undoubtedly become the first choice of many users. This is because in the eyes of users, the emergence of NGKEX solved their previous concerns, saved costs, and allowed them to get more profits.


This has become the reason why many people think NGKEX is successful. However, this is just one of the factors. The more important thing is that NGKEX is an ecological project of NGK blockchain, so it has natural advantages and received strong supports from major institutions and giants around the world. It has strong financial strength, coupled with top technology, providing the users of NGKEX with a more stable, safer, and more efficient trading platform.

In fact, as early as two years ago, the NGK project team began to concentrate on researching and developing NGKEX. After many internal tests and technical improvements, the NGKEX has undergone a qualitative change. It was popular before it went online and successfully broke through the industry. Therefore, the NGKEX is often more concerned than other DEX platforms, and it can attract many users to participate.


It is understood that in addition to providing crypto trading, OTC trading, leveraged trading and contract trading, the NGKEX will also provide blockchain training, blockchain project cultivation, blockchain asset issuance, blockchain research, and blockchain public welfare and charity service. Undoubtedly, this will promote the broader NGKEX’s future application scope and gain a higher degree of recognition. The NGKEX will undoubtedly become an underestimated dark horse in the DEX track.